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Jay “Udder Guy” Kauflie in The Washington Post!

While taking part in a series of exhibition matches at Gettysburg with the Hog & Hominy Picked 9, our own Jay “Udder Guy” Kauflie caught the eye of Washington Post reporter/photographer Matt McClain. “Udder Guy” featured in several of the pix accompanying an article about the exhibition. Sample pictures are below (copyright Matt McClain / The Washington Post); the full article can be found HERE. Huzzah to our trusty first-sack fixture!


Phoenix Defense Dominant in 6-2 Victory

Huzzah! Your East-Siders were victorious in their final home match of the season, picking up a hard-fought 6-2 victory over the first-place Highland Rim Distillers. Two 1st-inning runs got Phoenix started, and another in the 3rd was enough to seal the affair. After closing things out, highly-respected HR captain “Old Hoss” snapped the below picture of your victorious squad. Hope to see more friendly faces next Sunday in Smyrna!

Phoenix 6, Highland Rim 2

Phoenix 6, Highland Rim 2